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In der Presse 2007


Einwanderung in Südmanitoba ist immer noch am wachsen.

Adele Dyck, Star 7, sagt, dass 2007 in den ersten vier Monaten rund 100 Familien mit insgesamt 600 Personen über Star 7 eingewandert sind.

Im letzten Jahr (2006) war die Gesamtsumme der Einwanderer über 1.000 Personen.

Dyck bemerkt, dass die beliebtesten Gegenden für neue Ankömmlinge, um ihre Häuser zu bauen, Altona, Winkler, Morden und zuletzt Oak Point sind.

Immigration in southern Manitoba is still increasing.

Adele Dyck is with Star 7 International in Winkler.

She says in the first four months of 2007, about 100 families or 600 people have immigrated through Star 7.

Last year's total was just over 1 thousand people.

Looking at current numbers, she does not expect the increase to slow down.

She says people are selling their houses faster in their home countries, and are coming over on work Visas before immigration applications are processed.

Dyck notes the most popular areas for new comers to make their homes are Altona, Winkler, Morden, and most recently Oak Point.


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